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Parents of Puppy's

The parents of each litter are on the lower sides. You can also find more recent pictures and the procedures performed.
 In general, these are: HD / ED / PL / DNA / MDR-1 / gPRA / gCEA / CH /
 MH / HUU / GCS and DM.

 HD   = Hip Dysplasia
 ED   = Elbow Dysplasia
 PL    = patellar luxation
 MDR1 = multi-drug resistant gene
 gPRA = genetic Retina Arthrophie
 gCEA = Collie Eye Anomaly genetic
 MH   = malignant Hypertomie
 HUU  = hyperuricosuria
 GCS  = Canine Neutropenie
 DM   = degernative myelopathy

 The investigation carried out on eye abnormalities in us through genetic testing's characteristic for this we use the abbreviations: gPRA + gCEA.
 Only this investigation has a real significance.

 For good quality breeding and all of the above investigations of the parents are important, you should not accept less in others.

 What is it? - A definition of possible diseases and investigations can be found on the main page under MEDICAL - Site.

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Here again our services, you'd expect.


 1st Professional humanely reared, healthy and socialized puppy / young dog.

 2nd 5-way vaccination, deworming 5-fold to the delivery week. International vaccination certificate.
   6-fold in young dogs with rabies vaccine.

 3rd Veterinary Investigation

 4th Implanted transponder (chip)

 5th The accessories listed on the accessories page
 (Requests can be noted here. Note stating when the puppy! Any special compilation)

 6th Full pedigree

 7th Special instructions from the extensive integration Colliehof, of course, also for new dog friends!
 Then you need a book!
 Prolonged operation in the print version more comprehensive than the extract under "Integration" on the main page!
 + + For this download at any time, even in advance!

 8th Each term consulting the owner. Over the entire dog's life! - Questions can be there forever!
 9th Implied warranty of 24 months, for your safety! - After the Civil Code.
 9a. Ordinary contract of sale for your rights.


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